Schedules announced for new East-West Network.

More options, less disruption. With our 2015 East-West Network you benefit from an expanded scope of stable, flexible and direct services delivering you a consistent experience made possible through improved network efficiencies driven by superior vessel utilisation and economies of scale.

With this new network you will see an increase in departures from ports that matter to you. We accomplish this by calling main ports multiple times a week, or having more frequent cut-offs at multiple ports serving the same geographical area. This is further empowered through efficiencies gained by consistent processes propelling cargo planning and stowage. In the end, you have more options available to keep your supply chain running.
Due to overlaps in port coverage, our new network will minimise disruptive effects on customers of blank sailings. The network will among many other things feature a new direct connection from Shanghai to the Black Sea - as well as a new direct service from France (Le Havre) and Sweden (Gothenburg) to ports in Japan.
The 2015 East-West Network is a step towards sustained competitiveness and improvement to our environmental performance. Our commitment to continuing research into new innovative techniques and technology to ensure a stronger, more sustainable shipping experience both now and into the future does not change; and neither does our deep commitment to you.
Disclaimer:  Parts of the 2015 Network for the East-West trade lanes are dependent on regulatory vessel sharing agreement (VSA) approval. Therefore, this material is tentative and subject to change.



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