Storm Surge Halts Vessel Operations at Long Beach.

Two cargo terminals at the Port of Long Beach announced Wednesday, Aug. 27, that they were suspending vessel operations for the day because 10- to 15-foot high wave surges powered by Pacific Hurricane Marie endangered longshore workers.

Total Terminals International on Pier T, with two Mediterranean Shipping Co. container ships at berth, and Crescent Terminals on Pier F, with two break-bulk ships including a MOL roll-on, roll-off vessel at berth, stopped working the ships late Tuesday. There was flooding reported at Crescent.

All other terminals at the Port of Long Beach remain open for vessel operations, and trucking operations at all terminals, including at TTI and Crescent, are also continuing and unaffected by the wave surges.

The worst of the surges were expected at high tide shortly before 11 a.m. and again at 11 p.m.

The surges were so powerful Tuesday night that heavy rocks from the Navy Mole breakwater were tossed onto the nearby roadway. Road damage was reported on Nimitz Road near the Sea Launch satellite-launch vessels, closing the roadway pending repairs. Sea Launch employees were being escorted through the nearby TTI terminal to get to their offices.

The Port’s Harbor Department Maintenance Division was working to clear the rocks from Nimitz Road, while the Construction Management Division was evaluating needed repairs. When the road would re-open has yet to be determined.

In addition, two barges broke loose from their anchorage overnight Tuesday, and were later towed and docked at berths T136 and T134. A pleasure craft also had to be towed to safety.

No injuries have been reported.



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