Road transportation

Transportation of goods by road in Russia with ANRIC SPb


Do you need a delivery or an exact cost of transportation of goods by road? Our professionals will make a calculation for your goods, taking into account specifications such as weight, size, temperature conditions, consignment size and other parameters. Call us at:
+7 (921) 963-57-24 or +7 (812) 336-32-94, or leave a request for cost calculation and we will offer you the most suitable method of transportation and the most reasonable cost of delivery.


Advantages and types of road transportation


Thanks to its advantages, road transportation is absolutely indispensable. Trucks are used in all delivery schemes: from a warehouse to an airport, railways or the sea and further to the door of the consignee. In some cases, road transport is the only possible way to deliver goods thanks to its mobility. Some other important advantages of road transport include the following:

  • Unlike air transport, delivery of goods by road does not depend on the available of space in airport schedules, allowing for meeting any delivery times.

  • Transportation by road can include the door-to-door service without extra transshipments.

  • The scheme of delivery by road can be adjusted, adding stops en route for taking additional load.

We offer transportation by trailer trucks and all standard types of trucks, such as:

  • Reefer trucks;

  • Container trucks;

  • Tilt-covered semi-trailers;

  • Special purpose vehicles for carrying dangerous goods (ADR marked);

  • Lowbed semi-trailers for oversized goods.

ANRIC SPb offers road transportations not only from St. Petersburg in Russia, but also from China. Our experienced logisticians will advise you on your delivery and make a scheme of transportation to any region in Russia or abroad. We work to optimize the road transportation process for each order and each customer, to make sure that the cost is acceptable to you.