All types of container transportation in any region

We offer one of the most demanded types of cargo delivery - containerized shipments, which are still internationally recognized as the most general-purpose mode of transportation.
ANRIC SPb will deliver your cargo in a cost-effective, convenient and safe manner. We work to meet your specific needs, selecting the optimal method of transportation depending on the type of goods:

  • Railway container transportation

  • Road transportation

  • Sea container transportation

  • The most convenient routes and the most competitive cost of transportation

  • Selecting among the best international carriers

Container Shipping is across Russia,  neighboring countries, Europe and the Asia-Pacific regionContainer ShippingContainerized cargo

We are not afraid of challenges: With our resources we can transport most complex cargoes (such as highly fragile, dangerous and valuable goods) from St. Petersburg to destinations in Russia or abroad.


How does container transportation work?

Over the years of the industry’s existence, international container transportation has been fully optimized to meet the most challenging tasks:

1 Intermodal container shipments are planned in such a way that goods are delivered without being reloaded. Containers are rapidly moved by special equipment without extra handling operations. Due to lower labor costs, the customers enjoy significant savings.
2. Do you have complex goods? Containers are suitable for any cargo you want to ship. Single piece and bulk cargoes, temperature restrictions, and any other special requirements for transportation are met by containerized shipments.
3. Containers are very diverse in volume, size and tonnage, can accommodate any type of goods, and allow for saving space at warehousing and sorting facilities.
4. Security is the consignor’s main concern, but there is nothing to worry about: a container is locked and sealed and can safely travel any distance.

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