Customs clearance of goods and vehicles


Customs support is one of the difficult procedures involved in international transportation of goods. Our experience and practice show that using customs clearance services is a more efficient solution for a customer, in order to avoid spending time and money at the border. Our specialists in customs clearance and foreign trade represent our customers at all stages of the customs clearance process and provide support in settling legal disputes and delays that may arise along the way. We offer:


  • A full package of services in customs consulting, such as assigning HS codes, calculation of charges, a list of documents to be filed with customs authorities, etc.

  • All authorizations, such as certificates of conformity, expert control reports, etc.

  • Lawyers and accountants experienced in import/export operations.


List of basic documents for the customs:


  • document of title to the goods (bill of lading);

  • invoice;

  • packing list;

  • transaction passport;

  • contract of sale with an appendix;

  • power of attorney authorizing your agent to carry out customs operations.


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