Cargo insurance and carrier liability insurance


ANRIC SPb relies on its extensive experience in international and regional transportation and continuously monitors and optimizes the quality and safety of deliveries. The safety of goods during transportation is monitored by freight forwarders and our drivers take all necessary precautions. However, being aware of possible troubles on the way, we do our best to protect your goods from various unforeseen circumstances and force majeure events. In this regard, we believe that cargo insurance is a must to achieve this goal.


Cargo insurance procedures


Cargo insurance provides protection against insured events and risks and will cover your financial losses. The lowest cost of insurance is, on the average, 0.075 to 0.11% of the actual value of your goods, with higher rates being applicable depending on conditions of transportation.

To calculate the cost of insurance for your goods, you will need to provide documents showing their actual value. You can also include the cost of transportation in your contract of insurance. Terms of cargo insurance are included in a contract between the customer and the carrier:

  1. The contract with the carrier should state that you (the customer) authorize the carrier to insure your goods and undertake to pay the insurance premium to the carrier as a person acting on your behalf. The amount of insurance payment shall be shown as a separate item in the invoice to be issued by the carrier.

  2. Your goods will be insured by your carrier, but you (the customer) will be named as the beneficiary in the contract of insurance.

  3. Your carrier will transfer the insurance premium (VAT exclusive) to the insurer’s account.

Types of cargo insurance


In order to be able to choose an insurance type most appropriate to their cost and coverage expectations, the owner of the goods may need some useful information. First, it is important to get clear about the terminology:

  1. What is an insurance policy? Does it insure your cargo?

Before dispatching your goods, you have to collect documents according to a mandatory list, in the absence of which the vehicle may be detained. One of the key documents in the list is an insurance policy. This is to be purchased by the carrier. The procedures for insurance of cargo delivered by sea and by road differ, and the decision is to be made by the owner of the goods.

  1. What to insure, cargo or carrier’s liability?

The contract of carrier’s liability insurance will cover the loss or damage to goods during transportation. Broader risks, such as weather conditions, can only be covered by cargo insurance. In addition, the insurance of carrier’s liability limits the maximum payment, and the insurance may not cover losses it may incur when transporting expensive goods.

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