Shipping by rail

Transportation of goods by rail in Russia: Information for customers

Need to decide on the mode of transport for your cargo? We have been providing rail transportation services for a long time and invite you to learn about advantages and disadvantages of rail transportation of containers.

Advantages of rail transportation:

1. Safety. According to current statistics, closed and sealed railcars provide sufficiently strong protection against thefts during transportation — much greater than in road transport.

2. Capacity of a locomotive is equal to that of several trailer trucks.

3. Precise delivery times. You may need rail transport services in seasons with adverse weather conditions when traveling on highways is difficult and unpredictable.

4. Flexibility. The most suitable type of railcar is selected for each type of goods: valuable cargoes are carried in covered cars, coal and bulk materials are transported in open cars, and flat cars allow for transporting oversized, non-standard items.

5. Low cost of transportation in some instances. International transportation or delivery of large consignments by rail may be more cost-effective than other methods of delivery.

Weaknesses of rail transportation:

1. Increased costs. Transshipment to trucks is often required as it is impossible to deliver goods directly to a warehouse location.

2. In Russia, transportation of goods by rail is carried out in accordance with requirements of Russian Railways OJSC, which are not always satisfactory to the customer.

Even given possible inconveniences, transportation by rail is the most efficient way to deliver your goods, in particular where you are not satisfied with limited carrying capacity of trucks, high cost of air transport or poor geographical coverage of sea transport.

Consider all the pros and cons, select a method of transportation most suitable for you, and contact us for advice and a calculation of the precise cost of rail transportation at +7 (921) 963-57-24 or +7 (812) 336-32-94 or leave a request on our website