Shipping by sea

Sea transportations of any complexity

We have a vast experience in managing international transportation of cargo by sea. Despite the development of all types of transport, marine transportation remains the most demanded type of intercontinental transportation of cargo, in particular in case of oversized and complex items.

ANRIC SPb deals with sea shipments of any complexity, including the following:

  • All operations in preparation of cargo for shipment;

  • Chartering of any sea vessels;

  • Customs clearance of international cargo;

  • Expert assessment and evaluation of cargo;

  • Cargo insurance;

  • Freight forwarding;

  • Vessel tracking;

  • Door-to-door delivery (door-to-door transportation services, including delivery by inland transport, documentation, unloading, etc.).

Sea container transportation

Container transportation allows for safe delivery of cargo and minimization of the cost of transportation due to simplified handling, cheaper insurance, and savings on lease of additional space for storage.

This type of delivery is the best for nearly all types of goods. Containers are available in diverse types to meet any specific requirements:

  • Open top containers (OT) are used to carry long cargo and equipment;

  • Tank containers (TC) are used to deliver liquid, dry and gaseous bulk products;

  • Flat rack containers (FT) are designed for oversized cargo;

  • Dry containers (DC) are used to transport dry bulk products;

  • Refrigerated containers (RF) are used to ship refrigerated goods.

We also offer:

  • Ro-Ro transportation of cars, trailers and other wheeled vehicles.

  • Transportation of unpacked goods by bulk carriers (special vessels which have holds for bulk cargo).

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