Sea freight

ANRIC SPb offers the full range of operations and documentation necessary to transport your goods by sea. These may include:

  • Sea chartering;

  • Freight forwarding services, including documentation and all organizational issues;

  • Stevedoring (a full range of loading and unloading operations);

  • Management of goods transfer and acceptance, maintenance of sea vessels, etc. (agency services).


Freight fees and charges for transportation of sea containers include a number rates and components as follows:

  • Basic Ocean Freight (BAS) for transportation of cargo by sea, with the customer being issued a bill of lading;

  • Terminal Handling Charge (THC) for handling containers;

  • Surcharges.

Sea freightThe cost of sea freightBasic surcharges of sea freight

What affects the cost of sea freight when transporting containers?

Surcharges are mandatory fees covering additional costs due different factors and operations arising during transportation by sea. The cost of freight of a sea vessel depends on multiple factors, such as delivery time, geography of ports, seasonal costs (for example, winter surcharge), IMO surcharge (for transporting dangerous goods). Mandatory surcharges include the Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) — a monthly adjustment for fuel; the Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) — an adjustment for currency, etc.


The cost of freight also depends on additional needs of the customer, if the services are to be provided by the charterer (cleaning of empty containers, oversize fees, etc.).


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