Hapag-Lloyd Warn About Verification by German Customs.

Hapag-Lloyd has informed that for all import cargo to be discharged at the German ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven the carrier is responsible to send a complete import manifest (“Summarische Anmeldung”) to German Customs Authorities latest 24 working hours prior vessel arrival at the ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven. This manifest transmission has to include all laden containers with complete Bill of Lading details without fail.

German Customs Authorities have announced that with effect of March 1, 2015 any cargo which is being discharged without proper customs transmission will be considered as an illegal import transport. As a consequence such containers will be stopped and confiscated by German Customs.

Above regulation affects deep sea services as well as short sea services and applies for any Export / Import transshipment cargo.

In order to comply with above Customs requirements it is mandatory that:

* for deep sea services the final import manifest data (including any amendments) has to be completed latest 2 working days prior ETA at the ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven;

* for short sea services the final manifest data (including any amendments) has to be completed latest at time of loading to the vessel calling at any German port;

* Customer provides B/L instructions in due time enabling Hapag-Lloyd to 
submit a complete import manifest;

This procedure is in accordance with valid EU law and all parties are strongly requested to accomplish above rules in order to avoid additional costs and consequences. 

Source: www.marinelink.com 


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