Jubilee celebration in Geneva.

The various regional associations of Swiss forwarders recently held their annual general meetings. The AGMs of the regional forwarders’ organisations of Basel, Geneva and Zurich all went smoothly. The Geneva organisation celebrated its 75th birthday.

In the following brief overview, the ITJ reports on the most important events at the annual general meetings of the various regional Swiss forwarders’ associations which took place this spring. This year’s round of meetings of the regional sections of the Swiss national forwarding and logistics association Spedlogswiss was opened at the beginning of April by the Zurich forwarders.
Zurich forwarders.

At this year’s 90th annual general meeting of Spedlogswiss Zürich, which was formerly named Zürcher Spediteur-Vereinigung (ZSV), the Zurich section’s president Peter Rasi stated with some pride that this year his organisation was able to celebrate a minor jubilee – its 90th AGM. Rasi said that although the
Zurich forwarders’ association was founded in 1922, the first official AGM did not take place until 1923.

With visible satisfaction and pleasure, the top man of the Zurich forwarders and logistics providers announced to his members that since last year Spedlogswiss at last had the use of its own office in Embrach near Zurich, elaborating that «our office is now fully operational and has wholly met or even surpassed the expectations that were made of it. It has now taken over the handling of all official business.»

In the formal part of the AGM, Peter Rasi and Urs Forte were confirmed for a further year in their positions of president and vice-president of Spedlogswiss Zürich respectively. Cornelia Affolter and Patrick Stöckli were appointed as new members of the board of management.

This year’s guest speaker was Paul ­Kurrus, a former president of Spedlogswiss for many years who is retiring from this position in June at his own wish. He spoke about the current and future situation of airfreight all over the world, but focused special attention on the situation concerning goods transported by air in Switzerland and at Zurich airport.
Geneva forwarders.

The 75th AGM of the Geneva forwarders’ association ATG (Association des Transitaires de Genève) was completed this year in a record time of just 35 minutes. In accordance with the principle of keeping things short and sweet, ATG president Urs Brunschweiler gave a lightning review of the 75-year history of the Geneva forwarders’ association. «Like most professions,» Brunschweiler declared, «our business has changed out of all recognition since it first came into being. Whereas we formerly filled in (customs) forms by hand and brought them to the counter ourselves, we now live in the age of electronic customs declarations, without a customs office or counter in sight.» In the last few decades there have been many far-reaching changes in the everyday life of the forwarding agent, Brunschweiler said. In the course of his career he had seen the coming and going of such instruments as typewriters, telex and fax machines, the first computers – and the first mobile phones, which weighed around 5 kg.

In the elections to the board of management, president Brunschweiler was confirmed in office for a further term. Giovanni Vigorito was elected as a new member of the board. After the formal part of the AGM, to mark the 75th birthday of the ATG, the members and guests were invited to a copious aperitif and a sumptuous dinner on the premises of the Geneva bonded warehouse.
Basel forwarders.

The 132nd AGM of Spedlogswiss Nordwestschweiz, the forwarders’ association of the Basel region, was again well attended this year. The guest speaker was Eva Herzog, an executive councillor and the financial director of the Canton of Basel-City. Addressing an audience of more than 140 members and guests, she emphasised the importance of the forwarding and logistics industry for the Basel region, singling out a number of current key projects from the fields of transport and logistics in the Basel region. In her speech Herzog mentioned, among other things, the establishment of the Basel logistics cluster and the project for the trimodal handling terminal called Basel Nord, which is due to be realised – together with a new third dock basin – in the immediate vicinity of the Basel Rhine Port between 2015 and 2019. The guest speaker also appealed to the logistics industry to give greater prominence to green logistics in future, saying that «the future belongs to energy-saving and environment-friendly technologies. Their adoption is not only an ecological must but also an economic necessity – particularly for logistics. Those who miss out on this development will almost certainly find themselves in a dead-end.»

In the statutory part of the AGM, the members re-elected president Thomas Knopf and the rest of the board of management for a further term of office.


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